"Are you spending too many of your evenings catching up on admin?"

Are you fed up missing out on family and leisure time?

Imagine reclaiming over 8 hours a week by not having to catch up on quotes, invoices and paperwork in every spare minute at the end of the day!

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Are you too busy working to follow up on quotes?

Are you finding it hard to keep track of leads?

Do you dread paperwork and admin?

Do you you feel sometimes life is like a hamster wheel?

What if you don't have interest in the tech, get confused by all the choices or you don't have time to step back from the day to day servicing of customers to implement a new system?

Then you will be interested in this:

This lead generation system with built in automation will enable you to start the process towards having a well oiled machine that you can build on as your business grows.

Just imagine having a ready made cost effective system set up in 7 days?

Would you like your leads to follow a journey that gives you predictable sales?

What if you had a bespoke automation like this that generated leads and profit every day, developed and implemented into your business with minimum disruption to you?

In this programme you will have your automation set up in the leading marketing and automation software for small business. You will be fully supported by a Certified Partner through the whole process.


Facebook group support

You will have access to onlineandautomated facebook group

to talk to like minded business owners.

Unlimited Email Support

If you are struggling at any point, you can email and get expert help.

What will you do with the time you save?

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